Bridging the Gap

A platform to bring education and best of the mentors together

A platform to bring education and best of the mentors together

Welcome to India’s Leading Study Abroad Mentor

EduCred is a portal that provides guidance to Indian students who want to study abroad. A source for all international education needs, where we connect students with the best of our mentors who can effectively guide them through the process. EduCred not only help students but also creates unparalleled opportunities for students, mentors, consultants, universities, and recruitment partners across the globe. We at EduCred strive to provide our students and clients with value added services.

Our Strengths

Unique Resource

EduCred has created a one-of-a-kind resource to walk you through the full process.

Systematic Approach

Students that apply through EduCred benefit from our systematized approach and network of mentors, consultants, and partners.

One Goal

Our organization has a clear purpose: to direct students to the best available institutions, allowing them to establish a bright future for themselves.

Top Universities

We are proud of the ease and comfort with which our students can gain admission to top-ranked universities.

Our Services


Profile Evaluation

The examination of your profile is an important stage that will help you choose the proper University and prepare effectively. It is a great way to get an idea of what your chances are of getting into a specific school. EduCred conducts expert evaluations of your profile and assists you in making the best decisions. For students interested in pursuing studies abroad our online profile evaluation is very helpful.

TheProfile Evaluation service takes into account your GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities, and compares them to the average student at that school. 

Admission Process

We understand the foreign admissions procedure, so all you have to do is pick an institution and we’ll take care of the rest. You just need to prepare for the exam and groom your professionalism while we take care of your admission process.


University Shortlisting

Looking for the perfect university? Use our shortlisting service to find the one that‘s right for you!

EduCred assists students in comparing numerous institutions and selecting their best fit.
When a student is unsure about which universities to apply to or has received many acceptance letters, we help them decide which one is their fit. We rank universities based on factors such as Employment Probability Ranking (which measures the likelihood of finding work after graduation) and Expected career prospects.


Study Abroad Education Loans

We recognize that studying abroad requires a significant financial investment. As a result, we also provide financial assistance in the form of educational loans. Depending on your requirements, we provide a variety of loans.

Visa Counselling

The second most crucial aspect of studying abroad is visa counselling. Even admission to a top Ivy League university will be useless if you do not have a valid study permit. All countries have unique visa procedures, which must be followed to the letter. Our visa specialists make certain that all application papers are filled out completely correctly, and that all essential documents are delivered correctly.

Student Housing

Students who are studying abroad must find a place to reside. EduCred looks after all factors and will find the most comfortable housing for students. We ensure that the housing is close to the University and in good working order. So that they can concentrate solely on their schoolwork. Our sister firm, HomeLodgers. is a well-known brand for Student housing in Europe and North America.
Our students can obtain a high-quality education at a low cost in a foreign country. EduCred works hard to ensure that its students have the greatest possible study abroad experience. EduCred is proud of its students’ admittance to top-ranked universities around the world.